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cavalier corral king charles spaniels ohio cavapoos
cavalier corral king charles spaniels ohio cavapoos

Welcome To Cavlier Corral

We’re dog breeders who are notable in a positive way. That’s because we have certification in dog training. We train the puppies in our litters to grow up to become friendly and well-adjusted animals. Socialization is a significant focus for us. When we care for puppies, we employ many in-depth training methods that can help them become the balanced and socialized canines they’re supposed to be. Our socialization practices are extremely reliable and effective. We regularly rear dogs that like being around human beings and other animals. We regularly rear dogs that are extremely content and pleasant creatures, too. Our objective as breeders is always to put 100 percent into providing our customers with the best pets around.

cavalier corral king charles spaniels ohio cavapoos
Cavalier Corral is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Rudolph, OH

About Us

Hello, my name is Cynthia Vogelsong, and I would like to introduce myself and my family to you. I am a mother of two, a daughter named Shyann, a son named Gage, and married to a wonderful husband named Lee Vogelsong who in many people’s eyes is truly the “Dog Whisperer”. He has been a dog trainer for nearly 25yrs now, along with his experience in dog breeding is tremendous. So it was a perfect fit for me when I met him because I have been a dog lover ALL my life, I have owned dogs All my life, and in the past 10yrs  have been breeding dogs. If there was an area I had limited experience in, I would say that was the actual training of dogs above and beyond just the very basics of basic obedience, and my husband more than fills those shoes. That allows us to rear the most social, well rounded, happy puppies out there.

cavalier corral king charles spaniels ohio cavapoos

Our business has numerous other specialties available to customers, too. If you’re interested in receiving standard training assistance for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we can provide it for you. If you’re interested in receiving advanced training assistance for your pooch, we can provide it for you as well. We’re experts in all levels of dog training. We routinely provide canines with all types of training. Therapy dog training is also a big specialty here. We even provide our customers with the convenience of dog boarding

Welcome to Cavalier Corral!

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If you’re looking to welcome a beautiful and healthy young animal into your life, our Ohio-based business may just be a great choice for you. We specialize in the breeding of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These dogs are beautiful canines that are part of the “toy dog” category. They’re known for their loving and pleasant temperaments, too.

We have health guarantees that cover your dog up to one year. If you purchase a puppy from us and later discover that he or she has any type of genetic defect, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll help you out with our guarantee. Our main goal is always customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to make sure our customers always have great experiences acquiring puppies from us. We aim to provide our customers with the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniels around.

We test all of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to make sure they’re in excellent health. Our puppies frequently receive examinations from a reputable professional veterinarian. Our puppies all are equipped with veterinary health certification prior to being put into homes with their new owners.

As always,
“May your days be full of love and Doggy Kisses!!”